Neuroplastix is dedicated to curing the disease of persistent pain by unifying brain and body as the main focus of treatment.






This introductory webinar "Neuroplastic Transformation Program: Laying the Foundation" is part of a collaborative physician guided series. It will provide an overview of the Neuroplastic Transformation Program's key techniques developed by Michael H. Moskowitz, MD and Marla D. Golden, DO. During the first webinar, Dr. Golden and Dr. Moskowitz will provide attendees with background on how the Neuroplastic Transformation Program started; discuss the basic tenets of the Neuroplastic Transformation Program necessary to achieve success; review the Neuroplastix Poster; and ask attendees to submit questions to be answered in a Question and Answer session at the next monthly webinar. 


This webinar "Neuroplastic Transformation Program: Laying the Foundation - Part One" is the first of a collaborative physician guided four part series. In this webinar, Michael H. Moskowitz, MD and Marla D. Golden, DO will describe and discuss the basic tenets of the Neuroplastic Transformation Program, R.A.F.T., M.I.R.R.O.R. and N.O.R.M.A.L., in more detail as well as the utilization of Thoughts, Beliefs and Ideas about Pain and "The Scent Circuit."


In Webinar Part Two, Dr. Golden and Dr. Moskowitz will discuss the neuroplastic technique of using sound and vibration to wire away from persistent pain. They will also discuss the concept of active and passive treatment emphasizing the paradigm shift of the patient and the practitioner, together, as they move through the Neuroplastic Transformation Program. Finally, they will discuss empathy and altruism in relationship to the role of mirror neurons.


In Webinar Part Three, Doctors Golden and Moskowitz will discuss the magnificent neuroplastic engine of touch. They will discuss the elements of the connective tissue system and the cells within it that create the brain body  loop with similar cells in the nervous system to explain the process of persistent pain. Utilizing touch as a neuroplastic technique can create dramatic changes in the reversal of persistent pain. These techniques will be discussed at length. Recognizing the importance of connection within our world, we will move beyond the connectivity within us and discuss the importance of social interaction, relationships and cultural experiences as part of a 'Neuroplastic Transformation.' 


In Webinar four, Doctors Golden and Moskowitz will recap the importance of the fascia and its critical role with respect to the neuroplasticity of movement. The program will continue with a description of the visual sensory system and focus on the importance of the visual cortex, the stages of visual brain activity and uses of visualization for pain control. To conclude the program, we will discuss the ultimate goal of experiencing pleasure as the neuroplastic antidote to pain.


The final webinar will be an interactive question and answer session that will address any questions about the Neuroplastic Transformation Program and how to integrate it into daily practice.

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